Definition of Recall:

  1. The process or ability to remember something that has been learned or experienced.

  2. The act or matter of officially withdrawing from someone or something.

  3. Remember (facts, events or circumstances).

  4. Remember what you have heard, seen or experienced, such as advertising, promotion or demonstration. See also rehabilitation test.

  5. Officially ask (someone) to go back somewhere.

  6. Revoke decisions about facts or laws.

  7. Refusal or withdrawal from the sale of contaminated or defective products by the manufacturer or manufacturer, either voluntarily or at the request of the regulatory body. Sometimes assets (such as motor vehicles) are withdrawn from the market after being sold for repair, exchange or return.

Synonyms of Recall

Muster up, Abrogation, Mandate, Make void, Send for, Extract, Summon up, Bid come, Bring back, Memoir, Constitutional referendum, Summon back, Call in, Retraction, Counterorder, Retrospect, Demand, Annulment, Memory, Call for, Initiative, Evoke, Denial, Reflect, Reminisce, Revokement, Call, Cassation, Hold the promptbook, Page, Prompt, Bring back, Anamnesis, Disavowal, Recalling, Nullify, Summoning back, Abolishment, Plebiscite, Renege, Reconsideration, Remembering, Jog the memory, Annul, Waiver, Voidance, Recollect, Retain, Rescission, Look back, Waiving, Vacation, Mind, Preconize, Requisition, Looking back, Recollect, Suspension, Set aside, Think of, Memorization, Abrogate, Give a hint, Rescindment, Conjure up, Call back, Reevoke, Plebiscitum, Reminiscence, Recapture, Abolish, Recantation, Serve, Write off, Rote, Vacatur, Palinode, Disannul, Remind, Overrule, Remember, Recant, Call to mind, Call up, Think of, Reflection, Go back, Carry back, Reversal, Hark back, Disavow, Withdrawal, Rouse, Learning by heart, Nudge, Invoke, Forswear, Take, Hindsight, Mandatory referendum, Abolition, Nag, Revive, Call away, Disown, Waive, Suspend, Statutory referendum, Vacate, Muster, Take back, Cite, Call together, Void, Rescinding, Call out, Retract, Arouse, Direct initiative, Revoke, Withdraw, Educe, Rote memory, Order back, Ordering back, Convene, Flashback, Write-off, Order up, Subpoena, Convoke, Waken, Remembrance, Think back, Put in remembrance, Recall to mind, Remind one of, Study, Nullification, Summon, Voiding, Summons, Review in retrospect, Countermand, Call back, Stir, Indirect initiative, Remember, Override, Revocation, Invalidation, See in retrospect, Defeasance, Commitment to memory, Suggest, Remembrance, Facultative referendum, Bring to recollection, Use hindsight, Recollection, Recollection, Indent, Calling back, Review, Cancellation, Send after, Canceling, Invalidate, Referendum, Call forth, Exercise of memory, Awaken, Give the cue, Repeal, Memory, Deny, Do away with, Memorizing, Cancel, Summon forth, Rescind, Conjure, Prompt the mind, Elicit, Recollecting, Call to mind, Retrospection, Return, Reverse, Put in mind, Go back over, Setting aside, Retrace, Bring to mind

How to use Recall in a sentence?

  1. Parliamentary reminder
  2. I still vaguely remember being taken to hospital.
  3. I was confused by the sample questions on the board, and my teacher told me to memorize the examples from the board the day before.
  4. She has an unusual memory.
  5. After losing his car key, Ken tries to remember it, but still can't remember where he left it.
  6. The Panamanian ambassador was summoned from Peru.
  7. When police arrive, Marion tries to remember what really happened, but the memory makes her angry.

Meaning of Recall & Recall Definition

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Recall means,

  • Ask customers to return a purchased product because it was found to be defective or unsafe.

Meanings of Recall

  1. Think about it (fact, event or situation).

Sentences of Recall

  1. I vaguely remember they took me to the hospital


What Does Recall Mean?

  • Ask the customer to return the purchased product because it is defective or defective.

Meanings of Recall

  1. Bring it back (a fact, event, or situation) to your head to remember.

  2. Officially ordered (someone) to go back somewhere.

  3. The process or ability to remember something learned or experienced.

  4. The process or example of the formal withdrawal of someone or something.

  5. The ratio of the number of relevant documents obtained from the database to the answer to the question.

Sentences of Recall

  1. Understanding people and memories after stories or events.

  2. System experts can create solutions with speed, maintenance, accuracy and consistency that only computers can provide.

Synonyms of Recall

think back on/to, countermanding, cast one's mind back to, reminisce about, cancelling, look back on, hark back to, vetoing, veto, retracting


What is The Meaning of Recall?

  • Recall can be defined as, Ask the customer to return the purchased product because it is damaged or damaged.

Meanings of Recall

  1. Bring it (fact, event or situation) to your head to remember.

  2. The act or example of official cessation of something or something

  3. The ratio of the number of relevant documents retrieved from the database in response to the query.

Sentences of Recall

  1. Understanding people and the memories of the stories or events that followed.

  2. Expert systems can provide solutions with speed, maintenance, accuracy and consistency that only computers can provide.