Definition of Rebuttal:

  1. Denial or contradiction.

  2. Attempts to refute or refute arguments by providing counter arguments or proof of agreement. Denial does not automatically become a counter-argument.

Synonyms of Rebuttal

Special pleading, Negation, Counterreply, Demolition, Countering, Counteraction, Retaliation, Confutation, Opposing, Plea, Retort, Rejection, Rebutter, Riposte, Objection, Counter-argument, Upset, Argument, Surrejoinder, Resistance, Opposure, Effective rejoinder, Replication, Crossing, Negation, Oppugnation, Discrediting, Contraversion, Rebutment, Counterworking, Refutal, Traversal, Impugnment, Counterblast, Surrebutter, Contravention, Response, Contraremonstrance, Overthrow, Undermining, Impugnation, Head wind, Refusal, Disproving, Pleading, Upsetting, Statement of defense, Bucking, Rejoinder, Counteraccusation, Comeback, Denial, Invalidation, Reply, Contention, Opposition, Demurrer, Overthrowal, Complete answer, Undercurrent, Answer, Confounding, Surrebuttal, Crosscurrent, Contradiction, Refutation, Standing against, Challenge, Refutation, Pleadings, Contradiction, Contraposition, Countercharge, Counterstatement, Squelch, Denial, Exception, Special demurrer, Subversion, Counterclaim, Defense, Controversion

How to use Rebuttal in a sentence?

  1. This request does not include the cost of the return of the lawsuit which would have been made by the plaintiff which was not made by Dr. Jones.
  2. Lawyers must wait for a witness to testify before they can testify.
  3. Despite the teen's objections to the mother's late departure rules, the mother ignored the arguments and persuaded her to leave after midnight.
  4. The lawyer vehemently rejected the final argument, leaving the jury with serious doubts about his client's guilt.

Meaning of Rebuttal & Rebuttal Definition