Definition of Rebuttal:

  1. A refutation or contradiction.

  2. An attempt to contradict or disprove an argument by offering a counter argument or countervailing proof. A rebuttal is not automatically a refutation.

Synonyms of Rebuttal

Answer, Argument, Bucking, Challenge, Comeback, Complete answer, Confounding, Confutation, Contention, Contradiction, Contraposition, Contraremonstrance, Contravention, Contraversion, Controversion, Counteraccusation, Counteraction, Counterblast, Countercharge, Counterclaim, Counterreply, Counterstatement, Counterworking, Crosscurrent, Crossing, Defense, Demolition, Demurrer, Denial, Discrediting, Effective rejoinder, Exception, Head wind, Impugnation, Impugnment, Negation, Objection, Opposing, Opposition, Opposure, Oppugnation, Overthrow, Overthrowal, Plea, Pleading, Pleadings, Rebutment, Rebutter, Refusal, Refutal, Refutation, Rejection, Rejoinder, Replication, Reply, Resistance, Response, Retaliation, Retort, Riposte, Special demurrer, Special pleading, Squelch, Standing against, Statement of defense, Subversion, Surrebuttal, Surrebutter, Surrejoinder, Traversal, Undercurrent, Undermining, Upset, Upsetting, Refutation, Denial, Disproving, Counter-argument, Countering, Invalidation, Negation, Contradiction

How to use Rebuttal in a sentence?

  1. This order does not include costs relating to any rebuttal experiment the claimant may have performed which was not the subject of Dr Joness evidence.
  2. The lawyer had to wait for the first witness to finish his testimony before he could get his own up there as a rebuttal witness.
  3. No matter the teenagers rebuttal s against her mothers rules about being out late, her mother ignored the counterarguments and grounded her for being out past midnight.
  4. The lawyer gave a strong rebuttal to the closing argument, and therefore gave the jury considerable doubt as to the guilt of his client.

Meaning of Rebuttal & Rebuttal Definition