Rebuttal Witnesses

Rebuttal Witnesses,

How Do You Define Rebuttal Witnesses?

  • A simple definition of Rebuttal Witnesses is: Witnesses have been presented to explain, refute, defeat or deny the facts presented by the opponents as evidence.

Literal Meanings of Rebuttal Witnesses


Meanings of Rebuttal:
  1. Rejection or contradiction.

Sentences of Rebuttal
  1. This application does not include the costs of the trial conducted by the petitioner and the costs not covered by Dr. Jones.

Synonyms of Rebuttal

denial, refutation, contradiction, negation, countering, counter-argument, disproving, invalidation


Meanings of Witnesses:
  1. See (event, usually a crime or accident).

  2. Knowing (about a development) through observation or experience.

  3. Openly acknowledge your religious beliefs.

  4. The person who sees the incident is usually a crime or an accident.

  5. Aviation test

  6. To indicate the amount of material removed from the original surface or remnants on a surface or the shape of the original sketch.

Sentences of Witnesses
  1. The team that witnessed the murder

  2. We are witnessing the birth of a new political entity

  3. One of the purposes of his coming was for the disciples to testify about Jesus.

  4. Police testify to the accident

  5. Notice your different interests

Synonyms of Witnesses

spectator, spot, note, look on at, view, be a witness to, looker-on, see, testimony, proof, onlooker, observer, eyewitness, observe, indication, watcher, evidence, notice, viewer, watch