Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title

Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title,

What Does Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title Mean?

  1. A state-issued trademark certificate to inform consumers that the vehicle mentioned above is considered a maintenance vehicle but has been returned in a state of rebuilding or working and is subject to the State Department's vehicle inspection standards. Approved. Most states insist that modified vehicles meet strict standards before a modified or modified title is issued.

Literal Meanings of Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title


Meanings of Rebuilt:
  1. Rebuild (something) after it is damaged or destroyed.

  2. Example of reconstruction.

Sentences of Rebuilt
  1. After the earthquake, people started rebuilding their homes

  2. The Foundation recognizes the hard work of all those involved in this difficult reconstruction.

Synonyms of Rebuilt

reconstruct, renovate, remake, reassemble, restore, revamp, refashion, remodel


Meanings of Reconstructed:
  1. Build or renovate (something) after it is broken or destroyed.

Sentences of Reconstructed
  1. A small area of ​​painted Roman plaster was rebuilt.


Meanings of Title:
  1. Its name (book, composition or other work)

  2. The name of a book, compound, or other work of art.

  3. A name that describes a person's occupation or profession.

  4. A place to be the champion of a major sports competition.

  5. The right or right to own real estate or position or throne

  6. An area of ​​permanent work (in church use) and a source of income as a condition of arrangement

Sentences of Title
  1. A song called "You bastard, you".

  2. Lease took over as Managing Director

  3. Davis won his first world title in 1981

  4. A local family owns this property

Synonyms of Title

crown, cup, designate, right to, entitlement to, proprietorship of, call, freehold of, baptize, subtitle, claim to, give something the title of, name, entitle, shield, christen, plate, label, prize, belt, style, ownership of, first place, describe something as