Reboot Definition:

Definition of Reboot: Turn off the computer and turn it off immediately. To turn on

Meanings of Reboot

  1. (Pointing to the computer system) Restart or restart.

  2. The process or example of restarting a computer system.

Sentences of Reboot

  1. The new value will not take effect until you restart the system.

  2. Be prepared to walk again and again

Synonyms of Reboot

start computer , cold boot , warm boot , restart , load , start , bootstrap , reset

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  • Reboot refers to To turn off the computer and turn it on immediately.

Meanings of Reboot

  1. (Refer to computer system) Start or restart.

  2. The process of restarting the computer system

Sentences of Reboot

  1. The new price will not take effect until you restart the system.