Reasons why car heater is blowing cold air.

Here's why Your Car's Heater is Blowing Cold Air:

People usually do not know how to answer why cold air comes out from the vents on the dashboard, even when they have selected the hot air option.


This “problem” maybe because the engine is not yet hot enough to allow the arrival of heat, or there is a problem in the used car for sale in Jamaica radiators, etc.

The engine might not hot enough to allow hot air to be drawn into the passenger compartment; the mechanical switching of the airflow, activated by the knob, does not work; and there is not enough coolant circulates in the radiator.

If the passenger compartment is not hot during the winter season or the fan fails to eliminate the windscreen’s fogging caused by condensation, the car is practically unusable. But unfortunately, several other reasons compromise the correct functioning and pressure of the heating when you visit Jamaica car sale spots and encounter such issues.

In practice, everything revolves around the coolant and the radiator fans; the liquid is circulated between the various components of the car sales in Jamaica engine to cool them; so to avoid overheating and, therefore, a potential failure. The heat emitted by these components is then pushed into the passenger compartment due to the fan system belonging to the radiator.
Following are some of the most common reasons why your car’s heater is blowing cold instead of hot air.

Impaired Electronic Control System:

Cars are equipped with an electronic system, controlled by a computer unit responsible for managing this compartment, which can fail. The problems could be at the software level or depend on the control panel's breakdown or some of its components, such as the knobs, etc.

Malfunctioning Radiator Fans:

The most common source of failure is the radiator fans. If these elements do not work, the heating system can no longer cool the engine's parts and convey the passenger compartment's hot air. In this case, you must necessarily replace it. Be careful, before doing that; you should always carry out a diagnostic to understand if this is the problem or not.

Air Conditioner Compressor Activation Controls are Not Functional:

Although this is an unlikely hypothesis in Jamaica car sales; because the fault concerns the system components. For example, there may not be enough water inside the radiator and in the engine cooling circuit.

Damaged Thermostat:

Other possible causes that compromise the heating system's operation are the digital heater thermostat and the pump for sucking the liquid into the circuit cooling, or damage in fan, which usually activates when the engine is switched off to lower its temperature. The thermostat regulates the water temperature, but the pump may not start due to a closed and clogged circuit access valve or a clogged diverter.

Improper Installation

If your touchscreen doesn't work properly and there are broken dials, etc. they can also be a big cause of the problem because these faulty installations will not let you operate the cooling function properly. Likewise, described controls, your car's wiring could be damaged that can cause a short circuit, too. Be cautious; such wiring could be catastrophic; so, fix it as soon as possible and then sit idle. There are also other causes of the breakdown of the heating system in car sales in Jamaica that concern the minor components of the cooling circuit, the thermostatic valves or the formation of air pockets that prevent the flow of water into the radiator, compromising its power, therefore it is necessary to empty the cooling circuit, inserting new liquid to avoid not only the cold air coming out but also the engine braking.