Reasonable Belief

Reasonable Belief,

How To Define Reasonable Belief?

  • You can define Reasonable Belief as, Possible reasons. The facts and circumstances known to the arresting officer, about which he has reasonably reliable information, are sufficient to make an individual reasonably aware that a crime has been committed or is being committed. There are enough facts to justify arrest without a warrant.

Literal Meanings of Reasonable Belief


Meanings of Reasonable:
  1. (One person) with a good and fair decision.

  2. Maximum or moderate

Sentences of Reasonable
  1. No reasonable person can object to that

  2. The policeman can use enough force to enter

Synonyms of Reasonable

just, sensible, decent, logical, rational, open to reason, full of common sense, equitable, fair, within reason, fair-minded, practicable


Meanings of Belief:
  1. The assumption that the statement is true or something exists.

  2. Trust someone, trust someone or something else.

Sentences of Belief
  1. Your belief in the value of hard work

  2. Belief in democratic politics

Synonyms of Belief

theory, surmise, fancy, presumption, freedom from doubt, guess, trust, notion, faith, assumption, reliance, credence, confidence, belief, postulation, hypothesis, supposition, suspicion, speculation