Reasonable And Customary Charge (r & C)

Reasonable And Customary Charge (r & C),

Definition of Reasonable And Customary Charge (r & C):

  1. Money received from a similar healthcare provider as a fee from a similar provider for similar services or similar services at a designated location.

Literal Meanings of Reasonable And Customary Charge (r & C)


Meanings of Reasonable:
  1. It is appropriate or fairly moderate.

Synonyms of Reasonable

full of common sense, rational, practicable, open to reason, fair-minded, logical, decent, just, fair, sensible, within reason, equitable


Meanings of And:
  1. It is used to connect words to a single part of a language, clause or phrase that needs to be included.

  2. It is used to offer additional comments or penalties.

  3. It is used to indicate intention after "to" after some verb and before other verb.

  4. Boolean operator who returns if and only if all the work is the same and zero.

Synonyms of And

also, along with, not to mention, besides, coupled with, in addition to, as well as, too, added to, including, together with, with, and


Meanings of Customary:
  1. Location or situation according to the customs or habits of a particular community.

Sentences of Customary
  1. After her first vacation habits and memories, she began telling stories about her life.

Synonyms of Customary

traditional, usual, normal, conventional


Meanings of Charge:
  1. Order (value) as a person's price for a service or item.

  2. Give (someone) a task, such as a task or responsibility.

  3. Put a heraldic mark on it.

  4. Sale price of goods or services.

  5. Generally, charges are regularly brought against a convicted person during a trial.

  6. The responsibility to take care of or control someone or something.

  7. The properties of matter that are responsible for electrical phenomena and are present positively or negatively.

  8. Many explosives exploded to fire pistols or the like.

  9. Forward flight is usually carried out by attacking soldiers in combat.

  10. A device or deposit placed on a plate or ridge.

Sentences of Charge
  1. He charged me 22 for a postcard

  2. He was charged with assault

  3. The committee was tasked with transforming the education system

  4. The shaver can be taken anywhere and used

  5. The plan is to attack the enemy soon

  6. The silver streamer is filled with gills

  7. Entrance fee

  8. Appeared in court for attempted murder

  9. Is a student, not an experimental subject

Synonyms of Charge

campaign, toll, storm, incursion, onrush, rate, insignia, impose, thrust, armorial bearing, assault, ensign, care, invasion, fare, amount, onslaught, figure, safe keeping, offensive


Meanings of R:
  1. in front

  2. (Specify the correct location or direction).

  3. Rules.

  4. Electricity

  5. Mutual co-ordination

  6. The eighteenth letter of the alphabet.

  7. Border

  8. Regina or Rex

  9. Registered as a trademark

  10. (In the United States) Republican.

  11. The rating is limited to the voluntary movie rating system, which states that children under the age of 17 need a parent or legal guardian.

  12. Reverse (when changing gears).

  13. Rio (especially on the map)

  14. X-ray (E)

  15. Spin (when recording chess moves)


Meanings of C:
  1. Hundreds

  2. Centimeters (in units of measurement)

  3. Century or century

  4. (Before date or quantity) approx

  5. (cold water.

  6. The speed of light in a vacuum.

  7. The third letter of the alphabet.

  8. Like the letter C.

  9. The first notes of the C-Major Daytonic Scale do not have large, sharp or flat points. C-scale scale music.

  10. Roman numerals 100.

  11. Advanced computer programming languages ​​were originally developed to implement the UNIX operating system.

  12. Kibo (especially on the map)