Reasonable accommodation

Reasonable accommodation,

Definition of Reasonable accommodation:

  1. A practical change to a job description or work situation to permit the employment of a qualified disabled person or someone with a special religious need in that capacity. A reasonable accommodation might also refer to modifications made by a business to assist qualified disabled people in enjoying the same rights and privileges that other staff members of an equal level can.

Meaning of Reasonable accommodation & Reasonable accommodation Definition

Reasonable Accommodation,

Reasonable Accommodation Meanings:

  1. Reasonable Accommodation can be defined as, As defined in the American Disability Act (ADA) 1990, changes or adjustments may be made to the application process or service delivery process to allow eligible applicants with disabilities employment services, or changes or adjustments to be made. Can be considered for Benefits for disabled workers and similar benefits were given to workers other than those with disabilities in a similar situation. Changes or adjustments to such work should be made without burdening the employer's business.

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Meanings of Reasonable:
  1. As an insider, it is appropriate or quite moderate.

Synonyms of Reasonable

equitable, sensible, decent, rational, practicable, full of common sense, fair, within reason, just, logical, open to reason, fair-minded


Meanings of Accommodation:
  1. Temporary accommodation, sometimes with a pension.

  2. An agreement is an agreement or commitment.

  3. The process of adopting or adapting to someone or something.

Synonyms of Accommodation

habituation, accord, understanding, assimilation, acclimation, inurement, adjustment, acculturation, familiarization, compromise, attunement, seasoning, fitting in, deal, arrangement, settlement, adaptation, naturalization, conditioning, acclimatization, bargain, domestication, hardening, integration