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Realization Multiple,

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Realization Multiple definition is: Receivable multiplier is a measure of venture capital that shows how much investors have received. Some implementations measure the return on investment. Private equity funds are unique in that they hold assets from all types of liquid sources, including LBOs, start-ups, and more. Acquisition regulations are obtained by distributing the total distribution of funds, companies or projects through paid-up capital.

  • Achievement Multipliers are used in private investments to measure the amount actually paid to investors.
  • Achieveable conditions are returns in private equity funds and can be distributed as paid-up capital.
  • This is the nominal rate of multiple returns, which means that it does not take into account inflation or the value of time.

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Meanings of Realization:
  1. The act of being fully aware of something as a matter of fact.

  2. Perception or perception of something desired or expected.

  3. Convert assets into cash.

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  1. There is a growing awareness of the need to build a common economic structure

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appreciation, actualization, awareness, discernment, achievement, consummation, perception, comprehension, recognition, apprehension, effecting, accomplishment, bringing to fruition, understanding, bringing into being, fulfilment, consciousness, attainment, cognizance


Meanings of Multiple:
  1. A number that can be divided by another number in which no one is left.

  2. Terminal management that allows one to connect to the circuit at one of the many locations.

  3. These include many parties, elements or members.

Sentences of Multiple
  1. 15, 20 or the second multiplication of five

  2. Double capture