Real-Time Quote (RTQ)

Real-Time Quote (RTQ),

Real-Time Quote (RTQ):

A real-time quote (RTQ) is a display of the actual value of security at this time. A quote is a stock or security price that is displayed on various websites and streamers. In most cases, these are not real-time numbers that tell you where the security is trading, but the outstanding price. Unlike real time prices, deferred prices can delay the real market by 15-20 minutes. Quick references in real time and without delay.

  • Real-time referrals show the current value and volume of bonds, including best deals and inquiries, compared to pending rates with a 15-20 minute delay.
  • Real-time bidding used to be an expensive service, but is now increasingly being offered for free through online brokerage platforms.
  • Real time quotes are used daily and by high frequency traders.

Literal Meanings of Real-Time Quote (RTQ)


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