Real Estate Short Sale

Real Estate Short Sale,

How To Define Real Estate Short Sale?

Meaning of Real Estate Short Sale: A short sale of a property occurs when the financially distressed landlord sells his property for less than the amount of the mortgage. The buyer of the property is a third party (not a bank) and all proceeds from the sale are paid to the lender. The lender meets the difference or obtains a default decision against the borrower, telling it to pay the lender in full or in part, between the sale price and the actual value of the mortgage. Make a difference In some states, this distinction should be made legal in the case of short sales.

  • A short sale of a property is one in which the house is sold for less than the mortgage.
  • It is up to the mortgage lender to approve the short sale.
  • Sometimes the lender cancels the difference between the sale price and the mortgage, but not always.
  • The financial results of a seller's short sale are less severe than predicted.
  • It is important for buyers to calculate the cost and look at the profit margin when reselling a home.

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