Read Past Tense

Read Past Tense

What is the past of reading? ۔

I read, read, read, and so on. Reading does not change with the times, auxiliary verbs explain it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So now you see, the internet (web) interferes in all languages. Typing on a PC or laptop or similar device makes people feel like they just need to work faster, so they keep writing more words. You may also find that this is how people get along. Red is just an adjective (sometimes used as a noun, especially for redheads> Redheads = Redheads of an area or group, Redhead family and (usually) a lot of wrinkles on the face. ), While LIRE is always the correct participle of the word past and past LIRE. Americans, in particular, distort words a lot when writing, writing or speaking. It's just a way to express your thoughts and ideas, but it's clearly confusing, complicated and therefore dangerous, especially for teenagers (kids) and idiots !!! Have you ever said that Pir Baap is not just because those two words are the same? Think about the explanation of the idea / sentence, if you are right then who is my father, no. Friends like to pamper each other, just for n!

The past tense of reading (once reed) is read (once red). Isn't this the magic of the English language?

But reading this saying is different, you are red.

Read Oz as Red.

Read on, but it's a little different than you think.

Read Past Tense