Definition of Reactive:

  1. Personnel management: Behavior that is not internally motivated but manifests in response to a situation or the actions of others.

  2. Safety management: Unstable chemical that reacts with its surroundings (air, water, light, heat, pressure) or certain other chemicals. Reactive chemicals start unwanted or uncontrolled reactions with the release of energy, increase in temperature, formation of corrosive, noxious, or toxic byproducts or spoilage.

How to use Reactive in a sentence?

  1. Your company would be better off being proactive than reactive so it is the aggressor and making the major decisions.
  2. The gentleman seemed to be reactive to the things he was observing so we were certain he was not instigating.
  3. The girl was not very reactive to my advances and pretty much ignored me and concentrated on other matters in her life.

Meaning of Reactive & Reactive Definition

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