Definition of Re:

  1. About, concerning, in the matter of, regarding, with regard to. Phrase used in formal documents to indicate the subject matter. Short form of in re, Latin for in reality.

  2. In the matter of (used typically as the first word in the heading of an official document or to introduce a reference in an official letter).

Phonetic Pronunciation of Re


Synonyms of Re

About, Anent, Apropos of, As, As for, As regards, As respects, As to, Concerning, In connection with, In point of, In re, In reference to, In regard to, In relation to, In relation with, In respect to, Of, On, Pertaining to, Pertinent to, Referring to, Regarding, Relating to, Relative to, Respecting, Speaking of, Touching, Upon, With regard to, With respect to, About, Concerning, Regarding, With regard to, Relating to, Apropos, Apropos of, On the subject of, Respecting, In respect of, With respect to, With reference to, As regards, In the matter of, In connection with, Referring to, Touching on

Meaning of Re & Re Definition