What Does Re-Entry Mean?

  • Definition of Re-Entry: Rentary: This is a benefit that enables long-term policyholders to pay premium rates for an additional period, usually with new insurance proof.

Literal Meanings of Re-Entry


Meanings of Re:
  1. Respect (usually used as a first word in the header of an official document or as a reference in an official letter)

  2. Massive second note (in solution).

  3. The chemical element rhenium.

Synonyms of Re

about, concerning, regarding, with regard to, relating to, apropos, apropos of, on the subject of, respecting, in respect of, with respect to, with reference to, as regards, in the matter of, in connection with, referring to, touching on


Meanings of Entry:
  1. Run away

  2. Write or hide something in a diary, list, ledger or reference book.

  3. People or objects that take part in a race or competition.

  4. The front of the hill is, broadly or narrowly, below the water line.

Sentences of Entry
  1. The door was locked, but he forcibly closed the entrance

  2. Cash book entries

  3. Twelve winners were finally selected from hundreds of entries

Synonyms of Entry

appearance, arrival, entrance, ingress, coming, coming in, going in, approach, introduction, materialization, item, record, statement, note, listing, jotting, contestant, competitor, contender, challenger, entrant