Rdk 03117

Rdk 03117

Which RDK 03117?

RDK03003 Connection with error XFINITY TV X1 not possible. This article provides instructions on how to resolve the RDK03003 error Unable to connect to XFINITY TV.

When this error occurs, you will see the following message on your device: Connection problems with the X1 platformWhat does RDK 03117 mean here?

RDK03003 Error message Cannot connect XFINITY TV X1.

When this error occurs, you will see the following message on your device: Connection problems with the X1 platformHow can I repair Comcast RDK 03003 in addition to the above?


  1. Disconnect the internet router and all wired devices. Pull out the plug.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the internet router and cable box for 30 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the power and wait for the Internet services to start.
  4. Check if the problem persists.

And what does RDK 03013 mean?

RDK 03013 Something is not the All Right X1 error message.

What does RDK 03003 mean for Comcast?

RDK 03003 is a common X1 error message. This means that a certain X1-Box has a bad connection to the Comcast network. This prevents the affected X1-Box from receiving the signal quality necessary for proper operation. Remove unnecessary fragments.

What does XRE 03121 mean?

Error code: XRE03121. Description: The decoder is trying to tune in to a live channel, but there is a delay in checking the permissions of the channel based on the TV service level, resulting in a delay in the tuning of channels.

What is the Comcast 580 status code?

The code was lost and the box started removing channels. If someone gets the NOT APPROVED message, check your Comcast bill and, if you have your favorite digital piano, call Comcast (1800comcast) and ask them to verify that your account is encrypted. You may need the decoder serial number when calling.

What does casting on the Xfinity box mean?

Re: rdk03003 error box shows broadcast at startup As mentioned earlier in this thread, RDK 03003 means that the particular box has a terrible (useless) connection to the Comcast network. Something is wrong with the signals reaching the box. There are almost always bad cables or connections.

What is Comcast 101 Status Code?

Re: What is the solution for status codes 101 and 221 on small boxes. Hello geotuna These status codes indicate a loss of signal. We can start sending a new signal to your inbox. If that doesn’t help, we recommend that you replace the box or have the box and socket checked by a mechanic.

How can I restart the Xfinity box?

Reboot using the Xfinity My Account app. Restart from the Help menu. Restart with the power button. Reboot via device settings. Restart with the power switch Make sure the cables are secure. Press and hold the power button on the front of the TV box for 10 seconds. The TV-Box should restart automatically.

How can I repair my Comcast decoder?

Problems with your Xfinity TV service?

Try these tips. Check the performance of your devices. Make sure that the TV-Box X1 is switched on. Check the connection with the cables. The video cables between TV and TV-Box X1 must be connected correctly. Try switching off the TV and TV-Box X1.

Why does the box say my box?

Subject: Error in DVR enclosure X1 This means there is no external communication. This is a troubleshooting step to exclude your device. If the modem has a problem and your cable box has a problem, the problem is probably with your account or, as I said, outside the home.

What does RDK 03031 mean?

RDK03033 and RDK03031 error codes refer to boxes that cannot establish a connection to X1 servers.

What does RDK 03004 mean?

Error code: RDK03004. Description: This error means that your box is not receiving a good signal in front of the CMTS. Try plugging in and reconnecting the coaxial cable for a few seconds.

Why is my Xfinity box freezing?

Check the HDMI cable connections. The next time it crashes, hit the Xfinity button.

Do you see a menu in the frozen image above?

Unplug the simpler end of the HDMI cable and plug it back in after 2030 seconds.

Why is the startup in the Comcast box?

Try physically unplugging the box from the back (not the power supply) for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. If it still does not come out of the BOOT, it is likely that the box needs to be replaced. If you don’t want to wait for a mechanic, you can always take him to the nearest service center or Xfinity store.

Can I use a Comcast decoder elsewhere?

Yes, you only pay for the rental of the box, not the associated service. The house is already served.

Can you move the Xfinity box to another room?

You can have cables throughout your home, but you can only take full advantage of your digital cable in the same room as your digital receiver. If you want to see the digital cable in another room, you will need to move the digital cable box. Move the junction box for use in the other room.

Rdk 03117