Raw material

Raw material,

Definition of Raw material:

  1. The basic material from which a product is made.

  2. Basic substance in its natural, modified, or semi-processed state, used as an input to a production process for subsequent modification or transformation into a finished good.

Synonyms of Raw material

Constituent, Raw material, Element, Component

How to use Raw material in a sentence?

  1. Developers continue to experiment with various raw material s in an effort to create new fabrics and threads designed to help reduce production costs and environmental waste.
  2. These could be used as raw material.
  3. We had a lot of raw material to work with and we had a lot of time in which to work with it and make something meaningful.
  4. You need to always be able to get your hands on any raw material that is needed to make all of your product.

Meaning of Raw material & Raw material Definition

Raw Material,

Raw Material: What is the Meaning of Raw Material?

  1. In its original form, it was used in the manufacturing process.

Literal Meanings of Raw Material


Meanings of Raw:
  1. (Raw food.

  2. (Body part) becomes red and painful, mainly due to abrasion of the skin.

  3. Strong and revealing (of emotion or quality).

  4. (From weather) Dark, cold and damp

  5. (Someone) is new to an activity or job and therefore has no experience or skills.

  6. (From the edge of the cloth sheet) without edges or edges.

Sentences of Raw
  1. Raw eggs

  2. Rubbing hands firmly

  3. Created a spirit of living and raw masculinity

  4. Hard February night

  5. Inexperienced recruitment space

  6. Quilting is used to clean the edges.

Synonyms of Raw

inexperienced, piercing, unpractised, powerful, strong, keen, fresh, chill, lacking experience, unseasoned, bitter, chilly, tender, untutored, sharp, new, biting, unskilled, inflamed, wet, red


Meanings of Material:
  1. Material for making an object.

  2. Facts, information, or ideas for creating books or other works.

  3. Cloth or cloth

  4. Shows or contains physical objects instead of thoughts or spirits.

  5. Important Related Important.

Sentences of Material
  1. Goats can eat minimal plant material

  2. There is a lot of good material for priests to use in their sermons.

  3. A piece of black matter

  4. Material world

  5. Insects do not cause material damage to plants

Synonyms of Material

fabric, mundane, evidence, solid, subject matter, earthly, major, concrete, substantial, corporeal, substance, stuff, textiles, facts and figures, significant, statistics, consequential, medium, information, worldly, particulars, temporal, ideas, momentous, of consequence, tangible, details, physical, important, secular