Raw Chicken Smells Like Farts

Raw Chicken Smells Like Farts

What does chicken smell like? 3

I know, I know, but seriously! It doesn't stink, but if it does, it does stink.


Today it is ugly and bad.

The chicken does not smell anything. If so, it could be messed up.

Rinse the chicken thoroughly with cold water and sniff. If it still stinks, it is ruined and can go away. If it smells good, you can cook it ... today ... so what are you waiting for?

He talked about the stench and did not say whether the chicken was cooked or not. They raise eyebrows to protect us. If it stinks, throw it away.

No, chicken should not smell like anything.

K or you get really sick!

So that's a bad thing. If it smells good, don't eat it!

If there is another color, then the meaning is wrong.

no! It smells like chicken.

Look at the color If it's a little pale, throw it away. And with that smell, I definitely wouldn't eat it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment!

Do you have chicken If yes then yes no no.

Raw Chicken Smells Like Farts