Definition of Rationality:

  1. Mental state of a rational person characterized by (1) beliefs that are coherent (not contradictory) and compatible with the persons experience within a given context, (2) purposeful (intended to produce certain results) behavior guided by means versus ends analysis, (3) decision making based on cost-versus-benefit (pain versus gain) evaluation, and (3) an overall optimization approach (utility maximization) expressed in attempts to maximize advantages or gains and to minimize disadvantages or losses. See also Bounded Rationality.

Synonyms of Rationality

IQ, Vernunft, Admissibility, Apprehension, Balance, Brain, Brains, Caliber, Capacity, Common sense, Comprehension, Conception, Contact with reality, Cool head, Coolheadedness, Coolness, Deduction, Deductive power, Deductive reasoning, Demonstration, Discourse, Discourse of reason, Discursive reason, Down-to-earthness, Due sense of, Earthiness, Esemplastic power, Esprit, Freedom from illusion, Good sense, Gray matter, Hardheadedness, Head, Headpiece, Healthy mind, Horse sense, Ideation, Induction, Inductive reasoning, Integrative power, Intellect, Intellection, Intellectual faculty, Intellectual grasp, Intellectual power, Intellectualism, Intellectuality, Intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Justifiability, Justness, Knowledge, Lack of feelings, Level head, Levelheadedness, Logic, Logical thought, Logicality, Logicalness, Lucid interval, Lucidity, Matter-of-factness, Mens, Mental age, Mental balance, Mental capacity, Mental equilibrium, Mental grasp, Mental health, Mental hygiene, Mental poise, Mental ratio, Mentality, Mind, Mother wit, Native wit, Normalcy, Normality, Normalness, Nous, Philosophy, Plain sense, Plausibility, Positivism, Power of mind, Power of reason, Practical mind, Practical wisdom, Practical-mindedness, Practicality, Practicalness, Pragmaticism, Pragmatism, Proof, Psyche, Ratio, Ratiocination, Rationalism, Rationalization, Rationalizing, Realism, Reason, Reasonability, Reasonableness, Reasoning, Reasoning faculty, Reasoning power, Right mind, Sanemindedness, Saneness, Sanity, Scientism, Scope of mind, Secularism, Sense, Senses, Sensibleness, Smarts, Sober senses, Sober-mindedness, Soberness, Sobriety, Sophistry, Sound mind, Sound sense, Soundness, Soundness of mind, Specious reasoning, Sweet reason, Thinking power, Understanding, Unidealism, Unromanticalness, Unsentimentality, Wholesomeness, Wit, Worldliness

How to use Rationality in a sentence?

  1. Upon being questioned by the police about her car accident, Rachel showed her rationality by giving a clear and concise account of what transpired leading up to and following the accident.
  2. When debating about the existence of god, both student had opposing views, yet they used logic, reason, and rationality to reach an agreement.
  3. When debating about the existence of god, both student had opposing views, yet they used logic, reason, and rationality to reach an agreement.

Meaning of Rationality & Rationality Definition