Definition of Rationale:

  1. Explain the reasons or logical principles used to consciously arrive at a decision or estimate. Reasons generally document (1) why certain choices were made, (2) how the basis for the selection was made, (3) why and how certain information or assumptions were used, and (4) the results Why found reliable. Or not seen realistically.

  2. A set of reasons or justifications for a particular practice or belief.

Synonyms of Rationale

Logical basis, Reasoning, Rational ground, Grounds, Pretense, Pretext, Justification, Illustration, The whatfor, Decoding, Explanation, Reason for, Stated cause, Illumination, The why, Decipherment, Sense, The big idea, Rationalization, Emendation, Excuse, Exemplification, Logic, Reasons, Solution, Theory, Exegesis, Explication, Reason, Clarification, Philosophy, Demonstration, Reason, Unlocking, Euhemerism, Elucidation, Expounding, Reasoning, Thinking, Reason why, The wherefore, Enlightenment, Basis, Editing, Underlying reason, Allegorization, Cracking, Demythologization, Light, The idea, Logic, Principle, Exposition, Grounds, Account, Simplification

How to use Rationale in a sentence?

  1. Emily was outraged to learn that Hanger had lost her job and the reasons why her employer had done so in order to reduce costs and disrupt her normal operations.
  2. He explained the reasons for the change.
  3. The company justifies the dismissal of 20% of its staff by submitting an annual report.
  4. The reason the new manager takes his team to lunch is because they know him better outside of the work environment.

Meaning of Rationale & Rationale Definition