Definition of Rational:

  1. Person who is not mentally imbalanced or under the sway of overpowering emotions, can draw logical inferences, and is capable of normal mental process of weighing pros and cons of an action, choice, or decision. Opposite of insane. See also Reasonable.

  2. Thinking process that employs logical, objective, and systematic methods in reaching a conclusion or solving a problem.

  3. (of a number, quantity, or expression) expressible, or containing quantities that are expressible, as a ratio of whole numbers. When expressed as a decimal, a rational number has a finite or recurring expansion.

  4. Based on or in accordance with reason or logic.

  5. A rational number.

  6. Behavior guided more by conscious reasoning than by experience, and not adversely affected by emotions.

Synonyms of Rational

Acceptable, Admissible, Algorismic, Algorithmic, Aliquot, All there, Analytic, Balanced, Bright, Calm, Cardinal, Cerebral, Circumspect, Clear-eyed, Clearheaded, Clearminded, Cogent, Commonsense, Compos mentis, Conceptive, Conceptual, Consequent, Cool, Coolheaded, Credible, Decimal, Differential, Digital, Discriminating, Discursive, Down-to-earth, Earthy, Endopsychic, Enlightened, Even, Everyday, Exponential, Figural, Figurate, Figurative, Finite, Fractional, Hardheaded, Healthy-minded, Ideational, Imaginary, Impair, Impossible, Infinite, Informed, Integral, Intellectual, Intelligent, Internal, Irrational, Judicious, Just, Justifiable, Knowing, Knowledgeable, Legitimate, Level-headed, Levelheaded, Logarithmic, Logical, Logometric, Lucid, Matter-of-fact, Mental, Mentally sound, Negative, Noetic, Noological, Normal, Not so dumb, Numeral, Numerary, Numerative, Numeric, Odd, Of sound mind, Ordinal, Pair, Philosophical, Phrenic, Plausible, Positive, Positivistic, Possible, Practical, Practical-minded, Pragmatic, Prime, Prudent, Psychic, Psychologic, Radical, Ratiocinative, Ratiocinatory, Real, Realist, Realistic, Reasonable, Reasoning, Reciprocal, Right, Sane, Sane-minded, Scientific, Scientistic, Secular, Sensible, Sober, Sober-minded, Sophic, Sound, Sound-minded, Sound-thinking, Spiritual, Stable, Straight-thinking, Strong-minded, Subjective, Submultiple, Surd, Thinking, Together, Transcendental, Understanding, Unideal, Unidealistic, Unromantic, Unsentimental, Well-argued, Well-balanced, Well-founded, Well-grounded, Wholesome, Wise, Worldly, Logical, Reasoned, Well reasoned, Sensible, Reasonable, Cogent, Coherent, Intelligent, Wise, Judicious, Sagacious, Astute, Shrewd, Perceptive, Enlightened, Clear-eyed, Clear-sighted, Commonsensical, Common-sense, Well advised, Well grounded, Sound, Sober, Prudent, Circumspect, Politic

How to use Rational in a sentence?

  1. The construction of the reals from the integers proceeds in several stages: first axiomatize the positive integers, then construct negative from positive integers, then rationals from integers, and finally reals from rationals.
  2. One may consider it a rational decision to walk away from a situation where tempers are rising, rather than to stay and provoke until something regrettable is said or done.
  3. In order to make rational decisions, you must be able to calmly assess all relevant information and options to make the most logical choice.
  4. After eating a large meal and having some take home leftovers, the customer was rational about not throwing the food out and giving it to the homeless man he saw outside.
  5. Im sure theres a perfectly rational explanation.
  6. The set of rational numbers is denumerable, that is, it has cardinal number d.

Meaning of Rational & Rational Definition

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