Rational ignorance

Rational ignorance,

Definition of Rational ignorance:

  1. Deliberate choice of a person not to acquire (not to pay attention to) a certain kind of information because of its cost in terms of time and effort that yields little or no benefit.

How to use Rational ignorance in a sentence?

  1. I assumed a rational ignorance of the conflict between the two employees, because their petty disagreements werent really affecting our business.
  2. Bob justified his unfamiliarity with Miley Cyrus as rational ignorance ; his employer, Foam Fingers R Us, terminated his employment accordingly.
  3. His friends were often amazed at his rational ignorance in regards to the happenings of the entertainment industry but Gary simply explained that it provided him with no benefits and that the time could best be spent working on his business.

Meaning of Rational ignorance & Rational ignorance Definition