Definition of Ratio:

  1. The result of a number or quantity distributed by another. Reason is the simplest (statistical) tool in mathematics that reveals important relationships hidden in large amounts of data and allows important comparisons. Some ratios are expressed as fractions or decimals and others as percentages. The main types of business measurement include (1) efficiency, (2) liquidity, (3) profitability and (4) solvency matrix.

  2. A quantitative relationship between two quantities, indicating how often one value joins another or joins another.

Synonyms of Ratio

Height, Cut, Shadow, Brain, Understanding, Head, Degree, Mark, Comparativeness, Relationship, Rate, Grade, Esprit, Proportion, Continued fraction, Point, Mind, Reason, Intellection, Headpiece, Intelligence, Correlation, Plane, Period, Plateau, Conception, Rationality, Balance, Proportionability, Standard, Mentality, Discursive reason, Balance, Step, Pas, Pitch, Caliber, Rule of three, Power of reason, Stair, Leap, Remove, Geometric ratio, Mental capacity, Psyche, Gray matter, Stint, Intellectual faculty, Shade, Proportion, Space, Percent, Comparative extent, Extent, Reach, Level, Nous, Smarts, Notch, Rung, Comparative number, Scale, Commensurability, Amount, Harmonic proportion, Measure, Fraction, Quotum, Analogousness, Nuance, Reasoning faculty, Quota, Interval, Round, Vernunft, Similarity, Mens, Correlation, Relationship, Brains, Percentage, Discourse of reason, Peg, Reasoning, Quantitative relation, Comparability, Correspondence, Correspondence, Tread, Arithmetical proportion, Compass, Range, Comparableness, Intellect, Scope, Equivalence, Improper fraction

How to use Ratio in a sentence?

  1. Compared to cooking rice, one cup of rice is for two cups of water, but cooking a lot of beans is one cup of beans for two and a half cups of water.
  2. The male-female employment ratio is 8 to 1.
  3. The proportions of the child's cake at the party are perfect, every child must have their share.
  4. Many movies adjust their aspect ratio when running on Blu-ray so that users can watch more at home.

Meaning of Ratio & Ratio Definition

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