Ratings Point

Ratings Point,

Definition of Ratings Point:

The size of the audience, which is a point, is equal to one percent of all households that will at some point watch a television program or listen to a radio station.

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Meanings of Ratings:
  1. Evaluate or evaluate someone or something based on quality, standard or performance parameters.

  2. A naval submarine

  3. Angry rebuke

Sentences of Ratings
  1. The hotel has regained its five stars

  2. Another new crew consists of sailors

Synonyms of Ratings

grading, grade, category, position, categorization, rank, standing, class, placing, classification, ranking, status, designation


Meanings of Point:
  1. Draw someone's attention by holding your finger or something in your hand.

  2. Emphasize (words or actions)

  3. Extend the legs parallel (toes or toes) and straighten the legs and ankles until they become a point.

  4. Fill or repair with mortar or fine cement (mass construction, brick or tile).

  5. Give it a sharp tip.

  6. Enter a term in (written in Hebrew).

  7. The sharp, pointed tip of a tool, weapon, or other object.

  8. Signs of points or other intervals, especially points.

  9. At a particular place, location or place, on a place or map, object or surface.

  10. An item or description in a discussion, list, or extended text.

  11. Brand or diagnostic unit (for sports and games).

  12. Each of the 32 directions marks the same distance around the compass.

  13. A narrow piece of land that flows into a lake or ocean.

Sentences of Point
  1. The boy leaned down and pointed at me

  2. I will not miss the opportunity to show courage

  3. Stretching and pointed toes

  4. The bricks are very fast

  5. He turned and pointed to his mustache

  6. Some of the manuscripts are filled with them which show that the land written in Tibetan symbols is the system of Israel.

  7. Dagger point

  8. The footnote of the text must be numbered after the period at the end of the sentence.

  9. Turn left where you will see an icon for Apple Grove

  10. You forgot several important points

  11. 13 of his team's last 19 points against Houston

  12. Arranged around them like dots on a compass rose, they are part of the house.

Synonyms of Point

site, end, fact, limit, factor, border, place, bill, peninsula, consideration, regard, tip, argument, extremity, idea, element, edge, furthermost part, head, piece of information, tapered end