1. Definition of RATING AGENCIES: The six major credit bureaus determine the financial compensation of insurers and their ability to meet their compensation obligations. You are AM Investor Services Standard & Poor's Corporation of AM Best Company Duff & Phelps Inc. Fitch, Inc. And Wes Ratings, Inc. which includes factors such as companies' income, capital liabilities, profitability, liquidity, return on investment, insurance program and management capability, integrity and experience. High financial scores do not mean high customer satisfaction

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    Rating agencies are independent organizations that assess the financial strength of life insurance companies and their ability to pay claims. This objective review analyzes customer complaints, free cash flow and acceptable risk. Reviews are like reviews, so A is better than B. There are four agencies: AM Best, Fitch, Moody's and Stand & Poor's. Each organization applies its own standards and rating scales. However, you agree that the higher the rating, the better the agency will assess the chances that your insurer will be able to pay for your assistance whenever your family needs it.

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Meanings of RATING:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation based on the quality, quality or performance of a person or thing.

  2. Severe reprimand

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  1. The hotel has regained its five star rating

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grading, status, categorization, category, grade, standing, designation, rank, classification, class, position, placing, ranking


Meanings of AGENCIES:
  1. Companies or organizations that provide specific services to other companies, people or groups.

  2. The actions or interventions that produce a particular effect.

Sentences of AGENCIES
  1. An advertising agency

  2. River Water officials dug a canal

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firm, business, organization, service, action, work, power, company, force, concern, effect, activity, bureau, influence, office