What is The Definition of Rates?

  • Local taxes were levied in Ireland and earlier in the United Kingdom. Property is charged to customers based on the annual rental amount of the property.

Meanings of Rates

  1. A fixed price paid or received for something.

  2. Think of it as a particular quality or standard.

Sentences of Rates

  1. The island has one of the lowest crime rates in the world

  2. Minimum hourly wage 3.40

  3. Atkinson considers him the best defender in Europe

Synonyms of Rates

hire, measure, reckon to be, judge, find to be, fare, appraise, calculate, judge to be, assess, price, weigh up, hold to be, evaluate, charge, figure, tariff, compute, value, think to be, deem to be, put a value on

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Rates Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Rates is: Local taxes are levied in Ireland and first in the UK. Property occupants are billed based on the annual rental value of the property.

Meanings of Rates

  1. A measure, quantity or frequency that is usually measured in relation to another quantity or measure.

  2. A fixed price is paid or charged for something.

  3. Set a pattern or value for a specific scale (object).

  4. Think of it as a special standard.

  5. Soak (linen or linen) in water to soften it.

Sentences of Rates

  1. Minimum hourly rate 40 3.40

  2. They were asked to evaluate their skills in various driving techniques.

  3. Atkinson called him the best defender in Europe.

  4. Judging this young man for his disrespect.

  5. Cannabis was removed and used as hemp to make clothes.

Synonyms of Rates

account, esteem, categorize, wage, remuneration, damage, cost, position, toll, adjudge, place, duty, classify, levy, count, allowance, gauge, rank, outlay, grade, class, fee, pay, payment, regard, estimate, consider to be, look on, mark down as, tax


Rates Definition:

  1. Local taxes were levied in Ireland and earlier in the United Kingdom. Property owners are billed based on the annual rental value of the property.

Meanings of Rates

  1. A fixed price was paid or received for something.

  2. Soak it in water (linen or linen) to soften it.

Sentences of Rates

  1. They were asked to review their skills in various driving tricks.

  2. Deciding to disrespect this young man

  3. Cannabis was removed and used as fabric for hemp.

Synonyms of Rates