Definition of Rate:

  1. Proportional or relative value.

  2. Judge something with respect to its value, specially against a suitable scale.

  3. A measure, quantity, or frequency, typically one measured against some other quantity or measure.

  4. Assign a standard or value to (something) according to a particular scale.

  5. A fixed price paid or charged for something, especially goods or services.

  6. Amount charged or paid.

  7. Consider to be of a certain quality, standard, or rank.

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Synonyms of Rate

Charge, Price, Cost, Tariff, Hire, Fare, Figure, Amount, Outlay, Consider to be, Judge to be, Reckon to be, Think to be, Hold to be, Deem to be, Find to be, VAT, Abuse, Account, Ad valorem duty, Admonish, Alcohol tax, Alphabetize, Amount, Amusement tax, Analyze, Antecede, Anyhow, Anyway, Apportion, Appraise, Appreciate, Arithmetical proportion, Arrange, Assay, Assess, Assessment on default, Assort, At all events, At any rate, Bank rate, Bark at, Bawl out, Be deserving, Be entitled to, Be regarded, Be thought of, Be worthy of, Berate, Betongue, Blacken, Break down, Bring to book, Calculate, Calibrate, Caliper, Call, Call to account, Capital gains tax, Capitation, Capitation tax, Career, Caste, Catalog, Categorize, Censure, Charge, Chastise, Check a parameter, Chew out, Chide, Class, Classification, Classify, Clip, Codify, Come before, Come first, Compensatory interest, Compound interest, Compute, Condition, Continued fraction, Conversion factor, Corporation tax, Correct, Cost, Count, Customs, Customs duty, Damage, Death duty, Death tax, Decrease, Deserve, Dial, Digest, Discount rate, Divide, Doomage, Dress down, Duty, Earn, Echelon, Estate duty, Estate tax, Estimate, Evaluate, Evaluation, Excess profits tax, Excise, Excise tax, Execrate, Exorbitant interest, Expenditure, Expense, Export tax, Face, Face value, Fair-trade, Fathom, Federal tax, Fee, Figure, File, Fix, Footing, Form an estimate, Fraction, Front, Fulminate against, Gabelle, Gait, Gauge, Geometric ratio, Gift tax, Give an appreciation, Go ahead of, Go before, Go in advance, Grade, Graduate, Gross interest, Group, Guess, Harmonic proportion, Have priority, Have words with, Head, Head tax, Head the table, Head up, Hierarchy, Import tax, Improper fraction, In any case, In any event, Income tax, Increase, Index, Inheritance tax, Interest, Interest rate, Internal revenue tax, Jaw, Judge, Kick off, Kind, Land tax, Lead, Lead off, Lecture, Lick, Liquor tax, List, Load with reproaches, Local tax, Lucrative interest, Luxury tax, Make an estimation, Mark, Market value, Measure, Mensurate, Merit, Mete, Meter, Mortgage points, Net interest, Net worth, Notwithstanding, Nuisance tax, Number, Objurgate, Order, Outrank, Pace, Par value, Parcel, Penal interest, Pennyworth, Percent, Percentage, Personal property tax, Pigeonhole, Place, Plumb, Poll, Poll tax, Position, Power structure, Precede, Precedence, Premium, Price, Price of money, Price tag, Prize, Probe, Progress, Property tax, Property-increment tax, Proportion, Protective tariff, Provincial tax, Quantify, Quantize, Quota, Quote a price, Quotum, Rag, Rail, Rail at, Range, Rank, Rate of interest, Rates, Rating, Ratio, Rave against, Rebuke, Reckon, Reduce, Regardless, Reprehend, Reprimand, Reproach, Reprove, Revenue tariff, Revile, Rule of three, Sales tax, Salt tax, Scale, School tax, Scold, Score, Set at, Set down, Set straight, Severance tax, Simple interest, Size, Size up, Sort, Sound, Span, Spank, Specific duty, Speed, Sphere, Stage, Stand first, Standing, State tax, Station, Status, Step, Straighten out, Stride, Subdivide, Survey, Tab, Tabulate, Take a reading, Take down, Take precedence, Take to task, Tariff, Tariff duty, Telephone tax, Thunder against, Toll, Tongue-lash, Travel, Tread, Triangulate, Type, Upbraid, Use tax, Usher in, Usury, Valorize, Valuate, Valuation, Value, Value added tax, Value received, Velocity, Vilify, Vituperate, Weigh, Window tax, Worth, Yell at, Yelp at, Assess, Evaluate, Appraise, Weigh up, Judge, Estimate, Calculate, Compute, Gauge, Measure, Adjudge, Value, Put a value on

How to use Rate in a sentence?

  1. They were asked to rate their ability at different driving maneuvers.
  2. The men didnt rate the restaurant very highly the restaurant they went to the week before for lunch was much better in their opinion.
  3. The crime rate rose by 26 percent.
  4. As Jill was assigned to be the judge of the competition, it was her job to rate each entry and give it a corresponding score on a ten point scale.
  5. The rate charged for this hotel room should be comparable to the other hotels and motels that are in the area, as long as their amenities are the same.
  6. Advertising rates.
  7. The program has been rated a great success.

Meaning of Rate & Rate Definition