Definition of Rate:

  1. Proportional or relative value.

  2. Price-based, especially on a reasonable scale.

  3. The size, quantity or frequency is usually measured in terms of another quantity or measure.

  4. Set a standard or value for a given scale (object).

  5. Payment of a fixed price or compensation for something, especially good or service.

  6. Bill or payment amount

  7. Think of yourself as a particular quality, standard or area.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Rate


Synonyms of Rate

In any event, Exorbitant interest, Tariff, Amusement tax, Fare, Appraise, Use tax, Mete, Charge, Travel, Gift tax, Cost, Discount rate, Tabulate, Death duty, Compound interest, Sound, Probe, Value received, Sales tax, Local tax, Be worthy of, Jaw, Straighten out, Head up, Standing, Mark, Position, Assort, Anyhow, Fee, Assess, Call, Assess, Break down, Fair-trade, Lead, Come before, Quantify, Kick off, Capital gains tax, Capitation tax, Compute, Alphabetize, Group, Size, Compensatory interest, Measure, Give an appreciation, Station, Personal property tax, Triangulate, Inheritance tax, Bawl out, Antecede, Valuation, Nuisance tax, Career, Go in advance, Land tax, Vituperate, Notwithstanding, Deserve, Codify, Divide, Appraise, Value, Damage, Conversion factor, Plumb, Classification, Face value, Merit, State tax, Take precedence, Put a value on, Place, Rating, Tab, Yelp at, Sphere, Measure, Precede, Amount, Tread, Poll tax, Evaluate, Regardless, Adjudge, Lick, Estimate, Reduce, Usury, Tariff, Revenue tariff, Caliper, Salt tax, Ratio, In any case, Head tax, Reckon to be, Chew out, Arithmetical proportion, Geometric ratio, Abuse, Meter, Expense, Revile, Calculate, Judge, Reprehend, Pennyworth, Reprimand, At any rate, Take to task, Capitation, Market value, Net worth, Grade, Increase, Tariff duty, Weigh, Evaluate, Import tax, Index, Estimate, Percent, Doomage, Have words with, Parcel, Status, Clip, Judge, Span, Mortgage points, Toll, Tongue-lash, Property-increment tax, Gait, Premium, Thunder against, Analyze, Catalog, Customs duty, Apportion, Head, Reproach, Quota, Precedence, Poll, Take a reading, Be deserving, Prize, Assay, Income tax, Berate, Appreciate, Find to be, Echelon, Range, Head the table, Digest, Provincial tax, Excise tax, Fix, Valuate, Graduate, Outlay, Power structure, Set down, Account, Velocity, Calibrate, Rag, Gauge, Survey, Correct, Protective tariff, Be entitled to, Judge to be, Compute, Ad valorem duty, Harmonic proportion, Lecture, Valorize, Price, Internal revenue tax, Stand first, Subdivide, Dial, Order, Price, Form an estimate, Be regarded, Reckon, Figure, Gabelle, Interest, Net interest, Have priority, Quantize, Set straight, Footing, Quote a price, Score, Be thought of, Property tax, Chide, Bank rate, Evaluation, Charge, Check a parameter, Figure, Expenditure, Amount, Scold, Front, File, Lucrative interest, Size up, Blacken, Set at, Caste, Value added tax, Rule of three, Vilify, Rate of interest, Gross interest, Anyway, Death tax, Upbraid, Consider to be, Pigeonhole, Estate tax, Condition, Stage, Telephone tax, Reprove, Outrank, Proportion, Rebuke, Chastise, Rail at, Bring to book, Objurgate, Hierarchy, Estate duty, Rates, Stride, Fraction, Classify, Mensurate, Rail, List, Usher in, Value, Alcohol tax, Export tax, Speed, Specific duty, Calculate, Excise, Price tag, Federal tax, Face, Lead off, Luxury tax, Progress, Fathom, Pace, Scale, Take down, Guess, Spank, Step, Hold to be, Continued fraction, Excess profits tax, Number, Cost, Simple interest, Price of money, Kind, Count, Worth, Go before, Come first, Class, Admonish, Type, Yell at, Sort, Corporation tax, Think to be, Fulminate against, Duty, Severance tax, Dress down, Hire, Percentage, Improper fraction, Weigh up, Load with reproaches, Censure, Betongue, Decrease, Gauge, Bark at, Liquor tax, Categorize, Go ahead of, VAT, Assessment on default, Par value, Arrange, School tax, Interest rate, Make an estimation, Call to account, Rank, Earn, Quotum, Penal interest, Customs, Execrate, Window tax, Rave against, At all events, Deem to be

How to use Rate in a sentence?

  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises.
  2. The men didn't rate the restaurant very well, the restaurant they visited for lunch on Saturday before they understood better.
  3. The crime rate increased by 26%.
  4. Once Jill has been nominated to decide the competition, it is her job to check each entry and assign an appropriate score on a ten-point scale.
  5. The room prices charged for this hotel room should be compared with other hotels and motels in the region, provided the service is the same.
  6. Advertising fees
  7. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

Meaning of Rate & Rate Definition

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What is an insurance premium?


Rate means,

The unit cost for determining the insurance premium multiplied by the exposure basis. The insurance fee is the amount required to cover losses, cover expenses and generate profit for the insured in a unit of risk. Unlike claim rates, rates are subsidized for the insurer's profits and expenses.

Rate can be defined as, The cost of a unit of insurance, usually $ 1,000 in increments. Prices are based on historical losses from similar risks and can be set by state insurance agencies.

Rate refers to Fixed costs for determining insurance premium.

Rate refers to The cost of insurance (or premium).

Premium as a percentage of sum assured or compensation limit

The claim unit price factor is the basis of the base premium. It usually appears as x for $ 100.

It is often used as a equivalent of a premium, but actually refers to the base price unit used to determine the final price.

Meanings of Rate

  1. Set a pattern or value for a particular scale (object).

  2. Think of it as a particular quality, standard or area.

  3. A measure, quantity or frequency that is usually measured in relation to another quantity or unit of measure.

  4. Scolding (someone) in anger

Sentences of Rate

  1. This program is considered very successful.

  2. Promotion price


Rate Definition:

Rate means: In fire and marine (property) insurance, the unit (usually $ 100) is billed for a specific period of coverage, expressed in dollars and cents, or as a percentage of the sum insured. In non-life insurance, the rate is the amount the company receives from each claim risk unit. There may be unit location, classification, possession, all $ 100 pay or receipts, or some other measure of exposure. Produces multiplication rate by used units called premium. (See Prime Minister)

Rate definition is: Unit insurance costs are used as a means or basis for determining premiums.

A simple definition of Rate is: The price factor is the basis of the policyholder's premium.

Definition of Rate: Cost per unit of insurance


How Do You Define Rate?

The definition of Rate is: The cost of insurance, which is usually expressed as the cost per unit of coverage, e.g. For example, x £ times £ 1000.

A simple definition of Rate is: The amount of claim per unit used for insurance coverage is many times more than the number of claim units.


Rate means,

  1. The amount of insured losses, expressed as the cost per unit of insurance.

  2. Rate refers to The price factor determines what the buyer must pay.

  3. Rate means: Insurance unit costs. .


Rate Definition:

Rate means, The unit cost is multiplied by the exposure base to determine the insurance premium. An insurance fee is the amount needed to cover losses, cover expenses and generate a profit in a unit of risk for the insurer. Unlike claims rates, rates include subsidies for insurer profits and expenses.

Meaning of Rate: The cost of a unit of insurance, usually in addition to $ 1,000. Prices are based on historical losses from similar risks and may be set by state insurance agencies.

Insurance and (or premium)

Meanings of Rate

  1. A measure, quantity or frequency that is usually measured in relation to another quantity or measure.

  2. A fixed price is paid or charged for something.

  3. Set a standard or value for a particular scale (object).

  4. Think of it as a special standard.

  5. Correct spelling

  6. Soak (linen or linen) in water to soften it.

Sentences of Rate

  1. Minimum hourly rate 40 3.40

  2. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving techniques.

  3. Atkinson called him the best defender in Europe.

  4. Judging this young man for his disrespect.

  5. Cannabis was removed and used as tissue for hemp.

Synonyms of Rate

payment, look on, allowance, pay, wage, mark down as, levy, esteem, remuneration


Rate Meanings:

  • Definition of Rate: Multiply the unit cost by the exposure basis to determine the insurance premium. The insurance fee is the amount needed to cover losses, cover expenses and make a profit for the insurer in a unit of risk. Unlike claims rates, rates include subsidies for insurer profits and expenses.

  • Rate refers to The cost of one unit of insurance, usually $ 1,000 in increments. Prices are based on historical losses from similar risks and may be set by state insurance agencies.

  • Meaning of Rate: Factoring per claim unit, which is the basis of basic premium. It usually appears as $ x for 100.

  • Rate means: It is often used interchangeably with the prize, but refers to the basic rating unit used to determine the final prize.

  • Marine and Marine Insurance (Property), units (usually worth $ 100) are charged for coverage for a specified period, expressed in dollars and cents or as a percentage of the required coverage. In non-life insurance, the rate is the amount the company receives per claim risk unit. Unit can be location, rating, possession, all $ 100 payroll or receipts, or any other measure of exposure. Generates multiplication rate from units used which is called premium. (See Prime Minister).

  • Rate can be defined as, The cost of unit insurance is used as a tool or basis for determining premiums.

  • A simple definition of Rate is: Factors that form the basis of a policyholder's premium.

  • A simple definition of Rate is: Insurance and, in general terms, coverage is expressed as unit cost, p. For example, x £ times £ 1,000.

Meanings of Rate

  1. A fixed price was paid or received for something.

  2. Soak it in water (kati or linen) to soften it.

Sentences of Rate

  1. They were asked to review their skills in various driving tricks.

  2. Deciding to disrespect this young man


Rate Meanings:

For insurance coverage used to earn premiums, the amount per claim unit is multiplied by the number of claim units.