Rate-on-line (ROL)

Rate-on-line (ROL),

What is The Definition of Rate-on-line (ROL)?

  1. Rate-on-line (ROL) means, The value of the proportional reinsurance portion, such as 10% light for a limit of 2 2 million, will be $ 200,000.

Literal Meanings of Rate-on-line (ROL)


Meanings of Rate:
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Sentences of Rate
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Rate On Line (ROL),

Rate On Line (ROL) Meanings:

Rate On Line (ROL) refers to This percentage is obtained by dividing the insurance premium by the insurance limit, also known as the term of amortization or amortization. For example, million with 2 million premiums. 10 million disaster coverage will have 20% ROL and 5 years payment period.

Literal Meanings of Rate On Line (ROL)


Meanings of Rate:
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