Rate Class

Rate Class,

How To Define Rate Class?

Rate Class refers to Tariff class is a group of people in which the insurance premium is based on the price. Depending on the type of insurance risk, the rental class may take into account factors such as health, driving behavior or income level. Insurers are responsible for assigning rate classes to applicants.

It is also known as risk level.

Literal Meanings of Rate Class


Meanings of Rate:
  1. Size, quantity, or frequency are usually measured in terms of another quantity or measure.

  2. Pay a fixed price or charge something for something, especially good or service.

Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises

Synonyms of Rate

amount, hold to be, charge, measure, fare, value, assess, tariff, outlay, put a value on, weigh up, figure, compute, gauge, reckon to be, adjudge, cost, find to be, consider to be, estimate, judge to be, judge


Meanings of Class:
  1. A set or category of items that have the same characteristics or attributes and differ from others in terms of types, types or characteristics.

  2. A community management system in which people are divided into groups according to their social or economic status.

  3. Show a beautiful border.

Synonyms of Class

superlative, group, excellent, classify, brand, study group, superb, first-rate, formidable, variety, school group, champion, rate, echelon, first-class, type, social stratum, sort, masterly, outstanding, categorize, very good, order, grade, stream, genre, fine, consummate