Definition of Ratable:

  1. Able to be rated or estimated.

  2. Proportionate.

  3. Taxable.

  4. Capable of being appraised, apportioned, assigned, estimated, or rated.

Synonyms of Ratable

Assessable, Assessment, Cess, Chargeable, Conscience money, Contribution, Direct tax, Dutiable, Duty, Graduated taxation, Imposition, Impost, Indirect tax, Joint return, Leviable, Levy, Progressive tax, Separate returns, Single tax, Supertax, Surtax, Tax, Tax base, Tax dodging, Tax evasion, Tax exemption, Tax return, Tax structure, Tax withholding, Tax-exempt status, Taxable, Taxable income, Taxation, Tithable, Tithe, Toll, Tribute, Withholding tax

How to use Ratable in a sentence?

  1. We say, your Honour, that land is rateable, but certain rates are rebatable.

Meaning of Ratable & Ratable Definition