How Do You Define Rat?

  • Abuses for informants or reports, usually for personal gain. Advice is also a verb that means to tell or deceive.

Meanings of Rat

  1. Mice that look like large mice often have sharp and long tails. Some species have become cosmopolitan and are sometimes responsible for transmitting the disease.

  2. Despicable people, especially men who are deceitful or unfaithful.

  3. A person who belongs to or visits a particular place.

  4. Tampons are used to shape and volume a woman's hair.

  5. Used to express mild discomfort or irritation.

  6. Hunting or killing rats

  7. Those who leave the party, party or cause.

  8. Model (hair) with a special hat.

Sentences of Rat

  1. Cheating on the rat's husband

  2. LA Mall Rat.

  3. When we catch fish and they run out, we always get thicker.

  4. Many tribes rallied behind him, others fought and joined the king's army.

Synonyms of Rat

bounder, blast, weasel, skunk, snake in the grass, creep, rotter, louse, swine, lowlife, drat, ■■■■■, flipping heck/hell, botheration, pish, scoundrel, dog, confound it, doggone it, ■■■■