Rarest Wood In Lumber Tycoon 2

Rarest Wood In Lumber Tycoon 2

What is the most valuable wood in 2 wood magnet?

Silver Name / thickness of the device log
Elm tree $ 0.75 silver 2.5 units
wot $ 1.2 silver 2.5 units
cherry $ 1.3 silver 1.6 units
Snoglod $ 1.

5 silver

2 units
And which wood sells the most in Timber Magnet 2?The next is actually oak which is literally everywhere. and it is the most common tree in the game, it is the oak. and it's worth ten point six dollars per shelf out of three.

Do you also have the numerous axes in the 2 wooden magnet?

Receive. Many axes were not found on display in the shop, they were hidden under the shop and could be accessed by opening the refrigerator on display. This led to a maze where the player had to find the room where the ax was hanging.

And what is the best ax in Timber Magnet 2?

Swing Cooldown The Rukiryaxe, also often referred to as the Shark Ax, is one of the best aces in the game right now.

Does a boat fit wooden magnet 2?

The ferry is the only water transport in the game and is operated by Hoover. If it is closed but the player is still on the ferry, he will receive it until he is finished.

How high is the performance of wooden magnet 2?

Dialogue. I can give you the strength to build easily. The cost is $ 1,009,000.

How much does wood sell at the end of time?

Ghost wood. Ghostwood, also known as End Times Wood, is a wood essence in Lumber Tycoon 2 that was added during the End Times update. The sole owner of this wood is End Times Biome. This wood is currently considered the most expensive wood in the game and retails for $ 442 in cash each.

How do you recognize the wooden magnet 2?

Tycoon 2 Roblox has preserved the enlarged marine ostrich wood. The enlarged and preserved ostrich eye can be found at Bob's Shack on the light for $ 400,306 in cash. At the moment, no user knows what it's for, but it's probably a subject for some kind of research.

How do you get the blue tree in Timber Magnet 2?

Cavecrawler Wood, also known as Blue Wood, is a type of wood that grows exclusively in the Cavecrawler Cavern in The Maze. It was added in the January Mega Update along with the other features added in the update.

How can I do a lot?

Where is the golden tree in wooden magnet 2?

Goldwood is a relatively rare type of wood that lives in the swamp with zombie wood. Players tend to harvest this wood in abundance as it is one of the most profitable forests in the game.

Where is the AXIS OF FIRE in Wood Magnet 2?

This ax was found as a burning wooden gift before Christmas presents opened in 2015. It is now only available to player bases who may want to sell it.

What are the most expensive forests?

The most expensive tree in the world

where is the snow biome in The Hangover 2?

Fandom can earn a corresponding commission on sales made through links on this website. The taiga, also known as the snow biome or tundra, is a biome near Cherry Meadow and is blocked by rocks in the snow cave. This biome has several unique woods, these are fir wood, pine wood and frost wood.

What is the best axis in the wooden magnet?

How do you get Rukiry AX in Timber Magnet 2?

This ax is named after user ROBLOX and the trio Den Rukiryo. It is usually easy to find, but costs $ 72,208,040. Rukiryaxe is not available in regular retail stores.

What's the sandbag doing in Carpenter 2?

The sandbag is one of a kind that can be purchased from Wood R Us for $ 1,600 in cash and, despite the description, cannot be opened or used to build sand castles. This item is required to obtain Rukiryaxe or End Times Ax during Halloween events in Den.

How do you get a chicken ax?

Rarest Wood In Lumber Tycoon 2