Definition of Random:

  1. An unknown, unspecified, or odd person.

  2. Unfamiliar or unspecified.

  3. Made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.

  4. Without a systematic pattern or discernible sequence in its behavior or occurrence. Events or data series are said to be random when they lack specific direction, and cannot be explained or predicted except by chance or in a probabilistic or statistical manner.

Synonyms of Random

Accidental, Adventitious, Adventitiously, Aimless, Aleatoric, Aleatory, Amorphous, Any which way, Anyhow, Anywise, Arbitrarily, Arbitrary, Around, At random, Blobby, Blurred, Blurry, Broad, By chance, Capricious, Casual, Casually, Causeless, Chance, Chance-medley, Chancy, Chaotic, Confused, Designless, Desultory, Disarticulated, Discontinuous, Disjunct, Disordered, Dispersed, Disproportionate, Driftless, Dysteleological, Erratic, Erratically, Fitful, Foggy, Formless, Fortuitous, Fortuitously, Frivolous, Fuzzy, General, Gratuitous, Haphazard, Haphazardly, Hazy, Helter-skelter, Hit-or-miss, Ill-defined, Immethodical, Imprecise, Inaccurate, Inchoate, Incidental, Incidentally, Incoherent, Indecisive, Indefinable, Indefinite, Indefinitely, Indeterminable, Indeterminate, Indiscriminate, Indiscriminately, Indistinct, Inexact, Inexplicable, Irregular, Irregularly, Lax, Loose, Meaningless, Mindless, Misshapen, Nonspecific, Nonsymmetrical, Nonsystematic, Nonuniform, Obscure, Occasional, Occasionally, Odd, Orderless, Planless, Potluck, Promiscuous, Purposeless, Random shot, Randomly, Senseless, Serendipitous, Serendipitously, Shadowed forth, Shadowy, Shapeless, Spasmodic, Sporadic, Stochastic, Straggling, Straggly, Stray, Sweeping, Systemless, Unaccountable, Unarranged, Uncalculated, Unclassified, Unclear, Undefined, Undestined, Undetermined, Undirected, Ungraded, Unjoined, Unmethodical, Unmotivated, Unordered, Unorganized, Unplain, Unplanned, Unpremeditated, Unpremeditatedly, Unsorted, Unspecific, Unspecified, Unsymmetrical, Unsystematic, Unsystematically, Ununiform, Vague, Veiled, Wandering, Haphazard, Disorganized, Undisciplined, Erratic, Unmethodical, Uneven, Careless, Slapdash, Slipshod, Casual, Offhand, Remiss, Cursory, Lackadaisical, Perfunctory, Random, Aimless, Undirected, Indiscriminate, Trial-and-error

How to use Random in a sentence?

  1. A random sample of 100 households.

Meaning of Random & Random Definition