Random Sample

Random Sample,

Random Sample Meanings:

  • Meaning of Random Sample: The most common method used in surveys is to sample members of a large group. B. A population where everyone has an equal chance of being elected.

Literal Meanings of Random Sample


Meanings of Random:
  1. What, what happened, what happened, what happened, what happened, what happened, what happened.

  2. Unknown or uncertain

  3. Strange, unimportant or strange.

Sentences of Random
  1. Random sample of 100 families

Synonyms of Random

cursory, remiss, perfunctory, undirected, lackadaisical, trial-and-error, slapdash, undisciplined, erratic, casual, uneven, aimless, random, disorganized, careless, unmethodical, haphazard, indiscriminate, offhand, slipshod


Meanings of Sample:
  1. The appearance of a small part or a whole whole should be shown.

  2. Take one or more samples (of something) for analysis.

Sentences of Sample
  1. The investigation included analysis of handwritten samples

  2. Bone marrow cells are removed

Synonyms of Sample

specimen, typifying, representative, trial, typical, illustrative, test, selected