Random error

Random error,

Definition of Random error:

  1. Discrepancy or uncontrolled variation between an observed (measured) value and the value predicted by a specification, standard, or model. Where numbers are sufficiently large (as in repeated measurements or mass production), random errors tend to cancel each other out, and their sum approaches zero. Also called chance error or statistical error.

  2. An error in measurement caused by factors which vary from one measurement to another.

How to use Random error in a sentence?

  1. Unlike random errors, systematic errors can be consistently either positive or negative.
  2. You cant always account for a random error but you need to be able to try and fix it as soon as possible.
  3. The random error was presented to the doctor who was able to analyze all of the processes that led this predicament.
  4. There was a random error in the computer and it started to slow up and not work as well anymore.

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