Random access

Random access,

Definition of Random access:

  1. Direct (out of sequence or random) access by a computer (CPU) to any memory address of a data storage device, without starting from the first address every time the data needs to be read. More precisely called Direct Access.

  2. The process of transferring information to or from memory in which every memory location can be accessed directly rather than being accessed in a fixed sequence.

How to use Random access in a sentence?

  1. Random-access programming.

Meaning of Random access & Random access Definition


What is The Meaning of RANDOM ACCESS?

  • A simple definition of RANDOM ACCESS is: The process by which stored data can be retrieved without reading previous records. Magnetic disks make this possible, while punch cards or magnetic stripe systems do not.

Literal Meanings of RANDOM ACCESS


Meanings of RANDOM:
  1. What happened, happened or was chosen without a conscious method or decision.

  2. Unknown or uncertain

  3. Strange, unimportant or strange.

Sentences of RANDOM
  1. Random sample of 100 families

Synonyms of RANDOM

perfunctory, remiss, unmethodical, careless, undisciplined, random, offhand, casual, undirected, slipshod, trial-and-error, haphazard, lackadaisical, cursory, disorganized, erratic, uneven, aimless, slapdash, indiscriminate


Meanings of ACCESS:
  1. How to reach or enter a location.

  2. Attack or emotional outburst.

  3. Perspective or between (location)

  4. Retrieve, search or retrieve (data or files)

Sentences of ACCESS
  1. Stairs provide access to the upper floors

  2. I was suddenly angry

  3. One room has a private bathroom accessible by a balcony

  4. Information can be accessed and displayed simultaneously from multiple files

Synonyms of ACCESS

way in, spasm, seizure, fit, gain, paroxysm, bout, outbreak, eruption, outpouring, burst, entrance, obtain, entry, ingress, gain access to, outburst, explosion, acquire, retrieve, rush, means of entry, attack