Raldbthar Deep Market

Raldbthar Deep Market

Raldbthar Inner Market. ? 3

After defeating the g Dwarf Centurion, I walked to the end of the tunnel. There is a table in the middle of the room which activates a dwarf mechanism when placed. When I press A to activate it, another dialog box appears which tells you that the desired item is missing. I don't know what I should have. Does anyone know Help!!


* The game is Elder Scrolls V: Srim.

* Dwarf ruins are: Raldbthar

* A related survey that brought me here: Sadness never comes

* Quest Giver: Maury in Markarth

* The mission to help Muiri was started by Dark Brother Ode. given

At the end of this basement, there is a dwarf mechanism that you can activate with a tuning ball. Attunement Spheres are available at Septimus Signuss Outpost north of College of Winterld from Septimus Signus. This is one of the two ways to do this.

Raldbthar Deep Market