Definition of Railroad:

  1. Transportation system made up of metal rails which is designed to allow trains to maneuver on the tracks from one location to the next. The most recognized railroad system is Amtrak, which travels throughout the United States and Canada.

Synonyms of Railroad

L, Accelerate, Branch, Browbeat, Bulldoze, Bully, Bullyrag, Bundle, Bustle, Cable railway, Coerce, Cog railway, Compel, Constitute, Crowd, Decree, Dispatch, Dragoon, Drive on, El, Electric railway, Elevated, Elevated railway, Embankment, Enact, Enact laws, Expedite, Feeder, Feeder line, Filibuster, Force, Forward, Get the floor, Gravity-operated railway, Haste, Hasten, Hasten on, Have the floor, Hector, Hie on, Horse railway, Hurry, Hurry along, Hurry on, Hurry up, Hustle, Hustle up, Intimidate, Junction, Kill, Lean on, Legislate, Light railroad, Line, Lobby through, Logroll, Main line, Metro, Monorail, Ordain, Pass, Pigeonhole, Pocket, Precipitate, Press, Pressure, Push, Push on, Push through, Put in force, Put through, Quicken, Rack railway, Rack-and-pinion railway, Rail, Rail line, Railroad through, Railway, Roadbed, Roadway, Roll logs, Rush, Rush along, Sidetrack, Siding, Speed, Speed along, Speed up, Spur, Squeeze, Stampede, Street railway, Streetcar line, Subway, Switchback, Table, Take the floor, Terminal, Terminus, Track, Tram, Tramline, Trestle, Trolley line, Trunk, Trunk line, Tube, Turnout, Tyrannize, Underground, Urge, Veto, Whip, Whip along, Yield the floor

Meaning of Railroad & Railroad Definition