Radius Class

Radius Class,

What Does Radius Class Mean?

  1. Meaning of Radius Class: The normal distance traveled by a commercial vehicle is measured by the sound as if you were walking from the parking lot to your destination. There are three types of radio: local (no more than 80 miles), medium (between 80 and 200 miles), and long range (more than 200 miles).

Literal Meanings of Radius Class


Meanings of Radius:
  1. Round shape (corner or edge)

  2. A straight line from center to circle or circle to circle.

  3. It is thicker and shorter than the two bones of the human arm.

  4. An important axis of radial balance (in the case of echinoderms or colinites).

Sentences of Radius
  1. Brian has carefully rounded all corners and sharp edges

  2. Therefore, the area of ​​a circle is half the product of its radius and circumference.

  3. The most common areas for osteoporotic fractures are the spinal cord, hip, forehead distance radius, and proximity homers.


Meanings of Class:
  1. Assign a specific category or consider belonging to a specific category.

  2. The number or category of things that have the same characteristics or characteristics and are different from others in terms of gender, type or quality

  3. A community organizing system in which people are divided into groups according to their perceptions of social or economic status.

  4. A group of students study together.

  5. Show a nice edge.

Sentences of Class
  1. Behavior that is described as criminal

  2. Accommodation is good for a hotel in this category.

  3. Classes that are socially backward

Synonyms of Class

level, grade, superlative, magnificent, virtuoso, set, order, champion, social stratum, consummate, superb, first-rate, brand, rank, stream, caste, masterly, fine, band, social division, adept, expert, outstanding, categorize, first-class, very good