• Synonymous with research and development. Companies research and develop to innovate, develop new products and find better ways.

  • Definition of R&d: Investigation and development. Research is done by companies to improve products and processes.

  • Research is a planned activity aimed at finding new knowledge to develop new or improved products and services. Development is the translation of research or results into plans or designs for new or improved products or services.

Literal Meanings of R&d


Meanings of R:
  1. in front

  2. (Specify the correct location or direction).

  3. Rules.

  4. Electricity

  5. Mutual co-ordination

  6. The eighteenth letter of the alphabet.

  7. Border

  8. Regina or Rex

  9. Registered as a trademark

  10. (In the United States) Republican.

  11. The voluntary film rating system has a limited rating, stating that children under the age of 17 need a parent or legal guardian.


Meanings of D:
  1. History

  2. (Relatively) daughter.

  3. Day)

  4. died.

  5. Inside out

  6. Indigenous (in units of measurement)

  7. (In the travel program).

  8. Died (to show the date of death)

  9. Divorced.

  10. Money or Pence (decimal currency)

  11. Refers to an orbit with one electron and two periodic speed units.