Definition of Quote:

  1. Estimate how much it will cost.

  2. Repeat words or reference numbers used by others.

  3. Spa

  4. Text or speech references

  5. Repeat or copy (a group of words in a text or speech) usually indicates that you are not the original author or speaker.

  6. A reference that provides an estimate of the cost of a particular job or service.

  7. Give to someone (estimated cost of the job or services)

  8. Offer or share price to (company).

Synonyms of Quote

Proclaim, Reincarnate, Recite, Itemize, Document, State, Relate, Regurgitate, Asseverate, Repeat, Particularize, Echo, Example, Exemplify, Bring up, Tender, Retell, Revive, Set, Reproduce, Excerpt, Repeat, Name, Restate, Say again, Cost, Call to mind, Estimate, Demonstrate, Offer, Bid, Do a repeat, Price, Parrot, Redo, Plagiarize, Figure, Reference, Iterate, Assert, Aver, Bid, Give a for-instance, Copy, Mention, Cite, Parrot, Duplicate, Instance, Echo, Nuncupate, Quote, Allege, Rate, Renew, Call up, Bring in, Estimate, Tender, Say again, Redouble, Ditto, Cite a particular, Reecho, Do again, Reproduce, Imitate, State, Affirm, Quotation, Refer to, Do over, Double, Recite, Extract, Declare, Come again, Reduplicate, Retell, Charge, Illustrate, Estimated price

How to use Quote in a sentence?

  1. Words Worth Reference.
  2. He quoted a psalm.
  3. References from various insurers.
  4. Use double quotes around the specific phrase you want to find.
  5. Public Trade Organization.
  6. We encourage potential customers to come to the studio so that we can discuss their project in detail and use our newly acquired knowledge to obtain offers.
  7. The agent told him about the 180 fee.
  8. Whenever a journalist tells a story, it is always better to make an offer from someone who is fully aware of the situation.
  9. The participants were very satisfied with the famous poet and now they have a hope for the future that awaits them.

Meaning of Quote & Quote Definition