Definition of Quote:

  1. To estimate what a cost or price is likely to be.

  2. To repeat words or a reference number used by someone else.

  3. Quotation marks.

  4. A quotation from a text or speech.

  5. Repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker.

  6. A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular job or service.

  7. Give someone (the estimated price of a job or service).

  8. Give (a company) a quotation or listing on a stock exchange.

Synonyms of Quote

Affirm, Allege, Assert, Asseverate, Aver, Bring in, Bring up, Call to mind, Call up, Cite, Cite a particular, Come again, Copy, Declare, Demonstrate, Ditto, Do a repeat, Do again, Do over, Document, Double, Duplicate, Echo, Example, Excerpt, Exemplify, Extract, Give a for-instance, Illustrate, Imitate, Instance, Itemize, Mention, Name, Nuncupate, Parrot, Particularize, Plagiarize, Proclaim, Quotation, Recite, Redo, Redouble, Reduplicate, Reecho, Refer to, Reference, Regurgitate, Reincarnate, Relate, Renew, Repeat, Reproduce, Retell, Revive, Say again, State, Estimate, State, Set, Tender, Bid, Offer, Estimate, Estimated price, Price, Quote, Tender, Bid, Cost, Charge, Rate, Figure, Recite, Repeat, Say again, Reproduce, Restate, Retell, Echo, Iterate, Parrot

How to use Quote in a sentence?

  1. A quote from Wordsworth.
  2. He quoted a passage from the Psalms.
  3. Quotes from different insurance companies.
  4. Use double quotes around precise phrases you wish to search for.
  5. An organization that is quoted on the Stock Exchange.
  6. We suggested that the prospective clients come into the the studio so we could discuss their project in detail and use our new understanding to give them a quote for all expenses.
  7. The agent quoted him a fare of $180.
  8. When a reporter is doing a story it is always best when they can get a quote from someone with inside knowledge of the situation.
  9. The quote from the famous poet went over well with the members of the graduating class and they were now hopeful for the future that lay ahead of them.

Meaning of Quote & Quote Definition