Definition of Quotation:

  1. A formal statement setting out the estimated cost for a particular job or service.

  2. A registration granted to a company enabling their shares to be officially listed and traded.

  3. Securities: The bid and asked price cited for the sale or purchase of a commodity or security.

  4. A group of words taken from a text or speech and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker.

  5. Contracts: A formal statement of promise (submitted usually in response to a request for quotation) by potential supplier to supply the goods or services required by a buyer, at specified prices, and within a specified period. A quotation may also contain terms of sale and payment, and warranties. Acceptance of quotation by the buyer constitutes an agreement binding on both parties.

Synonyms of Quotation

Citation, Quote, Reference, Mention, Allusion, Excerpt, Extract, Selection, Passage, Line, Cutting, Clip, Clipping, Snippet, Reading, Section, Piece, Part, Fragment, Portion, Paragraph, Verse, Stanza, Canto, Sentence, Phrase, Estimate, Estimated price, Price, Quote, Tender, Bid, Cost, Charge, Rate, Figure, Allusion, Asking price, Bargain price, Bearish prices, Bid, Bid price, Book value, Bullish prices, Call price, Case, Cash price, Charge, Citation, Closing price, Controlled price, Cost, Cross reference, Current price, Current quotation, Cut price, Decline, Demonstration, Doubling, Duplication, Echo, Example, Excerpt, Exemplification, Extract, Face value, Fixed price, Flash price, Flat rate, Flurry, Flutter, Going price, High, Illustration, Imitation, Instance, Issue par, Issue price, Item, List price, Low, Market price, Market value, Neat price, Net, Nominal value, Offering price, Opening price, Package price, Par, Par value, Parity, Particular, Passage, Piece price, Plagiarism, Price, Price list, Prices current, Put price, Quote, Quoted price, Rally, Rate, Reappearance, Rebirth, Recommended price, Recurrence, Redoubling, Reduplication, Reecho, Reference, Regurgitation, Reincarnation, Renewal, Reoccurrence, Repetition, Reproduction, Resumption, Return, Selection, Selling price, Settling price, Stated value, Stock market quotations, Swings, Trade price, Unit price, Value, Wholesale price

How to use Quotation in a sentence?

  1. A quotation from Mark Twain.
  2. You will be sent a written quotation for the cost of repairing your machine.
  3. In class, we practiced using quotation marks at the end of sentences, as well as which ones were appropriate for each sentence.
  4. The company is being refused a quotation on the New York Stock Exchange.
  5. In some contracts there are different loopholes or fine print and you need to read what is in every quotation .
  6. Proffers Brown expected his student to use at least ten example of the correct use of quotation marks, as a warm up for their exam.

Meaning of Quotation & Quotation Definition