Quota sampling

Quota sampling,

Definition of Quota sampling:

  1. A sampling method of gathering representative data from a group. As opposed to random sampling, quota sampling requires that representative individuals are chosen out of a specific subgroup. For example, a researcher might ask for a sample of 100 females, or 100 individuals between the ages of 20-30.

How to use Quota sampling in a sentence?

  1. The feminine hygiene company was looking to perform a quota sampling of 20-30-somethings to give an unbiased few on its new product, but it was having trouble finding enough available females to participate.
  2. Determined to understand how to increase its standing amongst the Latino community, ABC Marketing requested a quota sampling of the area residents to include at least five hundred Latino men and five hundred Latino women in order to best gauge where they had misplaced the community trust.
  3. As the researcher is doing a study comparing the reactions of multiple age groups, she must use quota sampling to choose 50 individuals from each age cohort.

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