Quite A Bit

Quite A Bit

I love you very much?

This usually means that they really like you but still tell you that you are their world. Either he or she can't be emotionally emotional and telling them this is their way of saying that they really love you ... you have to see that you get to know yourself better. How well you know a person is a personal situation. .

I like it

I see it as a disadvantage, because it means a small number, but when someone says they like you very much, it usually means a large number.

Although I'm not sure they all talk too much and talk to each other, I would say that they are the same.

That means a lot, but not much!

Very meaningful.

I told them that these 3 words mean a little more and if I had to guess them, they mean a lot.

Answer me

Do you like anyone a little? Thankfully this person didn't say hate. :)

Quite A Bit