Definition of Quitclaim:

  1. Renounce or relinquish a claim.

  2. A formal renunciation or relinquishing of a claim.

  3. Release or relinquishment by a party of its claim, interest, right, or title.

Synonyms of Quitclaim

Abandon, Abjure, Cede, Deed of release, Disgorge, Dispense with, Dispose of, Do without, Drop, Dump, Forgo, Forswear, Get along without, Get rid of, Give away, Give up, Have done with, Kiss good-bye, Make a sacrifice, Part with, Recant, Relinquish, Render up, Renounce, Resign, Retract, Sacrifice, Spare, Surrender, Swear off, Throw up, Vacate, Waive, Waiver, Yield

How to use Quitclaim in a sentence?

  1. Scottish independence was restored by the quitclaim of Canterbury, and in 1192 the papacy confirmed that the Scottish church was free of all external authority save the popes.

Meaning of Quitclaim & Quitclaim Definition