Definition of Queue:

  1. A line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed.

  2. Take ones place in a queue.

  3. Waiting line, whether of people, signals, or things.

  4. Arrange in a queue.

  5. A braid of hair worn at the back.

  6. A list of data items, commands, etc., stored so as to be retrievable in a definite order, usually the order of insertion.

Synonyms of Queue

Line up, Stand in a queue, Form a queue, Queue up, Wait in line, Form a line, Form lines, Get into columns, Get into rows, Fall in, File, Move in line, Walk in line, Line, Row, Column, File, Chain, String, Stream, Indian file, Afterpart, Afterpiece, Array, Articulation, Bank, Braid, Brush, Bun, Buzz, Catena, Catenation, Cauda, Caudal appendage, Caudation, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Chignon, Coil, Column, Concatenation, Connection, Consecution, Continuum, Cordon, Cortege, Course, Crocodile, Cue, Cycle, Descent, Dock, Drone, Echelon, Endless belt, Endless round, Fall in, Fall into line, Fall into rank, Fantail, File, Filiation, Form a line, Gamut, Get in formation, Get in line, Gradation, Hum, Knot, Line, Line up, Lineage, Monotone, Nexus, Order, Pendulum, Periodicity, Picket, Pigtail, Plait, Plenum, Powder train, Procession, Progression, Queue up, Range, Rank, Rattail, Recurrence, Reticulation, Retinue, Rotation, Round, Routine, Row, Run, Scale, Sequence, Series, Single file, Spectrum, String, Stub, Succession, Swath, Tab, Tag, Tail, Tailback, Tailpiece, Take rank, Thread, Tier, Topknot, Trail, Trailer, Train, Twist, Wake, Windrow

How to use Queue in a sentence?

  1. Input or output requests to a file are queued by the operating system.
  2. Upon the groups return a queue of vehicles had lined up to go across the river.
  3. A bitmap indicates which queues are not empty, and the individual queues are FIFO lists.
  4. In the war they had queued for food.
  5. Chinese men were forced to braid their long hair into a queue or ‘pigtail’.

Meaning of Queue & Queue Definition