Definition of Questionnaire:

  1. A series of printed or written questions with answer options developed for research or statistical study purposes.

  2. A list of research questions or questionnaires that ask the respondent to extract specific information. It has four main objectives: (1) to collect relevant data, (2) to make data accessible for comparison and analysis, (3) to minimize bias in asking and asking questions, and (4) ) Design to make questions interesting and accessible in a variety of ways.

Synonyms of Questionnaire

Quiz, Test, Muster, Dramatis personae, Honor roll, Exam, Questionary, Question sheet, Sample, Beadroll, Order of business, Checklist, Property roll, Conduct a poll, Scroll, Checkroll, Agenda, Roll, Tax roll, Program, Consumer-preference survey, Muster roll, Set of questions, Form, Cadastre, Roster, Consumer research, Survey, Census report, Examination, Jury list, Rota, Jury panel, Inquiry, Census, Survey form, Canvass, Opinion poll, Returns, Calendar, Head count, Roll call, Lineup, Poll, Opinion poll, Public-opinion poll, Make a survey, Nose count, Docket

How to use Questionnaire in a sentence?

  1. The check consisted of sending a three-part questionnaire to all the insured drivers who had filed a major accident claim in the last three years.
  2. Rosalie is not usually concerned with answering surveys, but believes that questionnaires for new supermarkets require a lot of personal information.
  3. I had to fill out a questionnaire at the restaurant to let the staff know where they wanted to go wrong and where it was right.
  4. There is still much to learn about respondents' responses to written questionnaires.

Meaning of Questionnaire & Questionnaire Definition