Questionamento Socrático

Questionamento Socrático

Or the Socrates question? 3

Cognitive behavioral therapy

The most commonly used techniques are just questioning Socrates (finding faults, not arguing) and reorganizing knowledge (sorting previous interpretations into new ones). Among other diseases, there is evidence of efficacy for anxiety and depression. Status or social history.

Or the Socrates question, a strategy often used to challenge the patient's mindset.

Bernard Range Professor of Psychology at UFRJ and former President of Scientific Psychology in Latin America


Socrates claims that either knowledge subjugates itself or seeks a personal existence in order to find answers to its doubts: im, he taught closely, in response to which the young man Those who were close, attacked or questioned whether Ivy could handle. His own.

Socrates' mother was called Maya: IM, God, the way of learning or the name of Myotica ...



Behavioral therapy, or Socratic problems, is the most common strategy used to challenge a patient's mindset. (Close to finding baseless flaws) and scientific restructuring (combine previous interpretations with new ones). There is evidence of efficacy for diseases including anxiety and depression. Status or social history.

Questionamento Socrático

Questionamento Socrático

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Questionamento Socrático