Definition of Query:

  1. Request for a specific piece of information from a database.

Synonyms of Query

Ask, Ask a question, Ask about, Ask questions, Awake a doubt, Be curious, Be diffident, Be doubtful, Be dubious, Be skeptical, Be uncertain, Bone of contention, Bring into question, Burn with curiosity, Call in question, Catechism, Catechize, Challenge, Concern, Contest, Cross-interrogatory, Cross-question, Debating point, Demand, Dig around for, Dig up, Dispute, Distrust, Doubt, Dubiety, Enquiry, Examine, Feeler, Gape, Gawk, Greet with skepticism, Half believe, Harbor suspicions, Have reservations, Inquire, Inquire of, Inquiry, Interpellate, Interrogate, Interrogation, Interrogative, Interrogatory, Interview, Issue, Leader, Leading question, Make inquiry, Misgive, Mistrust, Moot point, Nose around for, Nose out, Peer, Point at issue, Point in question, Problem, Propose a question, Propound a question, Pump, Put queries, Question, Question at issue, Question mark, Questioning, Quiz, Quodlibet, Raise a question, Require an answer, Reservation, Rubber, Rubberneck, Scepticism, Scruple, Seek, Skepticism, Smell a rat, Stare, Suspect, Suspicion, Test, Throw doubt upon, Topic, Treat with reserve, Trial balloon, Uncertainty, Vexed question, Want to know, Worm out of

Meaning of Query & Query Definition

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A request is any request for information. For example, a search engine query is a query just like a specific configuration or report running on an analytics platform.

Another term for a keyword or search term. In Google AdWords, the keyword reports show the actual terms people use to click on your ads, as opposed to the promoted keywords you have in your account. These two sets of words may or may not be the same.

Search. In SEO, a query refers to a query through a search engine. Also specific words or phrases that are typed into a search engine.

A word or words (also called keywords) entered by a user into a search engine to find interesting web pages. The content should be written in a way that reflects what people are really looking for.

A phrase, term, or word that a user enters into the search boxes of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo is called a query. Search engines display search results

A search query is also known as a keyword that is entered into a search engine when a user tries to find information on the Internet.

The term "query" often refers to a search term that simply matches a phrase you entered into the Google search engine. Google provides a list of results it deems relevant to your search term. While this may seem like a simple process, there is a lot of work behind the scenes. For example, your search query contains a keyword or phrase that certain websites are optimized for, so Google selects the most relevant results.

This again demonstrates the importance of effective keyword optimization as it is important to achieve high rankings for certain keywords. It also creates a competitive environment as websites are constantly competing with each other for the highest rankings. As this competition unfolds, Google will benefit more by optimizing its results and providing its users with the most relevant websites.

A term for what a user types and searches in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Sample questions include Austin Electric, How do I know if I have a raccoon in my attic?, Distance to the nearest coffee shop, and more.

Another word for a search term, a query is a word or phrase that a user enters into a search engine in hopes of finding a specific result.

Words written in the search bar.

The word or set of words entered in the search bar.

The word, words, or phrase that the user enters into a search engine.

What is a search?

A search query consists of words or phrases that the user enters into a field of a search engine to generate a list of results. Search terms often include specific keywords to further refine the results list.

In the context of SEO, a query refers more specifically to a query that a user submits to a search engine. Also specific words or phrases that are typed into a search engine.